Bike Saddles

A hard day in the saddle is often just that, given that a poorly designed bike seat causes numbness and sore spots over the course of a ride. Our saddles, however, provide outstanding comfort and support, all while helping to increase blood flow and to relieve soft tissue pressure. Need help finding the right saddle for you? Try our Saddle Finder. 

Road Bike Wheels

Feel, speed, weight—no matter your reason for upgrading, wheels are the most noticeable way to improve your overall ride experience. And whether you're looking for carbon race wheels or something that can take a beating in between the barriers, we have road bike wheels that are second to none.  

Bike Lights

The ability to be easily seen while riding through mixed conditions and lighting brings peace of mind to any cyclist. Bright and stylish, our lights help you see and be seen, no matter the conditions. 

Mountain Bike Wheels

Of all the components that determine the "feel" of your ride, wheels are easily the most noticeable. Having a good set is critical to improving the overall experience. Our Roval wheels seek to optimize every facet of that experience. 

Bike Pumps

Every rider should have two pumps: a floor pump for regular inflation and a frame (portable) pump for the inevitable puncture while riding on the road or trail. 

Road Bike Tires

We''ve been making tires for over 40 years, and in that time, we''ve innovated every step of the way. From the world''s fastest tire to its most durable, our road tires provide the perfect interface between you and the road. 

Bike Computers

Packed with tons of feature, our computers also deliver interference-free transmission of speed, cadence, and heart rate—all in a convenient, low-profile package. 

Mountain Bike Tires

Our mountain bike tires can handle the punishment dispensed by both rider and terrain, yet the treads give you the performance and confidence needed to perform at the optimal level. 

Bike Grips / Handlebar Tape

"Look, Mom! No hands!" will only get you so far. Eventually, we all have to grab the handlbars to control the bike. That’s why we designed grips and handlebar tape that add comfort and control while you're on the bike, while looking awesome when you're off. 

City/Urban Tires

From city streets to bike path adventures, our urban tires provide strength, speed, and puncture-resistance that you count on. 

Water Bottles / Bottle Cages

A building block of great performance is a healthy dose of hydration. But how to carry drink mixes and good ol’ H2O? Specialized water bottles and cages come in many shapes and sizes. From our ever popular, Purist technology, Hydroflo and insulated bottles for those thirst-quenching liquids, to our secure, easy access cages (with multiple material options), your on-bike hydration plan is set. 


No matter if you spend most of your time in the air or here on earth, we have tires specifically designed for the way you ride. Dirt, street, whatever—you'll benefit from our tires' traction, speed, and strength. 

Bike Bags / Bike Tools

Little things can make a big difference. The right tools in your saddle bag will prevent a flat tire from ending your ride, while durable and well-designed travel bags insert a touch of organization and security when you're traveling. 

Road Bike Components

Regardless of whether you're looking to improve your aerodynamic profile, increase efficiency, or roll faster than ever, we have a broad selection of road bike components that'll check all of the boxes on your wish list. 

Commute Accessories

Getting around town presents its own set of challenges with its own set of solutions. Commute accessories like baskets, racks, and fenders run the gamut of day-to-day riding, keeping you dry, organized, and comfortable, 365 days a year. 

Mountain Bike Components

From dropper seatposts to carbon cranksets, we have a wide variety of mountain bike components that'll serve as the perfect upgrade to your MTB rig. 

Bike Tubes/Sealant

From our molded method of construction to innovative use of tube material, we have a tube for every rider. 

P.Series Components

Designed to be ridden hard and fast, our P.Series components are purpose-built to withstand the abuse of dirt, freeride, park, and street riding.