Specialized is proud to support athletes at all levels of sport and across a wide variety of disciplines; our aim has always been to partner with athletes who support our dealers and cycling initiatives in their communities; we accomplish this through offering a variety of sponsorship levels, including Ambassador, Collegiate/NICA, Regional, Development and Professional.

Below is a description of our levels of athlete sponsorship:


Riders expect Specialized to deliver the best and most advanced bikes and equipment, and likewise Specialized has always sought to partner with the best and most professional teams and riders. We expect our athletes to be the best-of-the-best, not only in terms of achieving great results on the track but equally - if not more so importantly - how they represent themselves to other riders and the public. These relationships reflect much more than a simple sponsorship, they reflect a deep partnership and alignment of goals; with this in mind, you can clearly see why we fondly refer to our athletes as Ambassadors.

Our Ambassador program allows local and regional teams to join forces with their local Specialized dealer on a support package that may include special team pricing on bikes and equipment. This program is applicable to Road, Mountain, Cyclocross, Gravity or Triathlon disciplines and is 100% run through our dealer network, with final approval from Specialized headquarters. Please do not contact Specialized headquarters directly for this program - applications will not be accepted. For more information or to apply, please use our SBC Dealer Locator to find and contact the Specialized Dealer nearest you.


Collegiate & NICA sponsorships follow the same basic model as the Ambassador program (see above). In addition, all Collegiate & NICA teams must be affiliated with USA Cycling and must be associated with a US-based university or high school in order to be considered. Please used our SBC Dealer Locator to find and partner with the Specialized Dealer nearest you.


In some instances a rider's or team's needs grow beyond the scope of what a local dealer alone is in a position to provide. Specialized offers support to a very limited number of top regional athletes by providing support that can grow and on course with your racing accomplishments. Regional sponsorships are extremely limited in availability and must be approved by the local Specialized Field Sales Representative and the area Regional Sales Manager.


These programs offer our highest level of support and are therefore only available to the most dedicated and accomplished athletes in the nation. Turnover within these programs is extremely infrequent so it's rare that we have openings at this level. If we do happen to have an opening it will be listed here; if no listings are displayed at the current time that means we are not accepting applications for this level of support. Please check back in between August 1st-September 30th of each year for possible new listings.


If chosen, Specialized requires a minimum commitment of the following:

Product is not only for personal use but MUST be worn and used in all races participated in for the season.


A template for both men's and women's jerseys indicates our minimum requirements for logo placement for athlete kit designs. Your local dealer can download these requirements and pass them onto you, should you have the opportunity to work with them.

Team/Athletes must submit a follow up report at least two times during the race season with photos, race report, cross promotional event reports (team and dealer support clinics and or demo events), in addition to athlete blog entries, Social Media participation and logging successes on the Specialized Win Counter.

Specific requirements are outlined in the contract you or your team signs with Specialized.


When it comes to quality and innovation, Specialized never settles. When it comes to your event, we bet you don't either. Our team is looking to partner with events that want to achieve great results and help support the communities around us. Armed with stickers, smiles, and fleets of demo bikes, the USA events team is ready to bring Specialized flair to your event. Tell us why your event is the best, and how we can help. We'd love to get to know you.

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