Innovate or die.

Drag is the single biggest force affecting a cyclist, and since the only way to turn it off is to stop moving completely, eliminating every bit of it is critically important. Our team of aerodynamic experts wield the tools of their trade—Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), on-bike Data Acquisition (DAQ), and wind tunnel testing—with authority. Best of all, with the addition of the Specialized Win Tunnel, these tools are all here in Morgan Hill, right at their fingertips. Now aerodynamic innovation can happen at greater speed, making riders faster than ever. 

FACT Carbon

Otherwise known as Functional Advanced Composite Technology, FACT represents our holistic approach to working with composites. Like any project at Specialized, FACT frames and equipment are based on the needs of the rider, then we apply critical disciplines to achieve the design targets that will best serve those rider needs: Design & Engineering, Material Selection, Fabrication Process, and Testing. What’s the result of the FACT process? Superior carbon bikes and equipment that deliver real-world performance benefits to the rider. 

FSR Suspension

We blazed the trail in active and independent suspension, and have been refining it ever since. FSR technology delivers more comfort, control and efficiency than any other suspension design, by effectively isolating chain and brake loads. Through our 20-year progression of FSR we’ve been able to tune the ride to match the experience. The result: FSR technology is used to capture both Cross-Country and Downhill World Championships. 

Smoother is Faster

It’s a simple concept and one we’ve been pushing for a long time—the smoother the ride, the more control you have, the less fatigue you experience over time, and the faster you go. “Smoother is faster” originated with our FSR suspension, but we quickly applied the same logic to the road through bikes like the Roubaix, Ruby, and Diverge—as well as an ever-expanding range of equipment. And with five victories at the last seven Paris-Roubaixs on the Specialized Roubaix, our pros and enthusiasts alike continue to validate the performance benefits of a smoother ride. 

Specialized Women

We take the business of developing products that create confident and happy women riders—whether they are pro, competitive, enthusiast, or beginner—very seriously. Differences are more than just physical. The mindset women have and the rewards they seek from riding their bicycles are unique. Knowing that each woman is different in her own connection to the ride is what sets us apart from the competition 

Alloy Technology

Aluminum is a bit of a wonder metal. Light, strong, and easy on the wallet. At Specialized, we’ve taken it a step further. Utilizing experience-specific tubesets, our patented Smartweld technology, and trickle-down technology from our top-level carbon frames we’ve created bikes that offer all the performance and looks you need without the heavy price tag. It’s everything you need to take you to the next level and still leave some extra change for a coffee along the way. WATCH VIDEO  


When ultimate suspension efficiency and control on the trail are required, nothing compares to the Specialized Brain. Found on the Epic and Stumpjumper HT XC race machines, and super-versatile Stumpjumper FSR trail bike, the Brain has been refined and tuned to perform on varying terrain for the sport’s most demanding riders. The Epic is the first full-suspension bike to win a Cross-Country World Championship (it’s won several in fact), and in each of those victories riders were propelled to victory aboard the one-of-a-kind Brain shock. Not only the go-to choice for full-suspension endurance racers, the trail-tuned Brain shock has elevated the Stumpjumper FSR above and beyond its legendary status. 


The gravity world is at the forefront of mountain bike technology, as it puts unbelievable stress on equipment. Our pursuit to give riders the best product on which to perform has culminated in a groundbreaking suspension partnership with Öhlins to develop the ultimate downhill racing shock, the Öhlins TTX. Exclusively for the Demo 8 and Enduro EVO, development on the TTX began in 2012, and the goal was clear: engineer a shock that deliver the control, performance, and adjustability the downhill rider demands. With Öhlins proven twin-tube design and fresh perspective on mountain bike suspension, plus influence from our MTB and suspension teams, we have surpassed the TTX’s performance expectations. For 2014, the Öhlins TTX will be exclusive to the Demo 8 and the Enduro EVO. 

SWAT Technology

Everything you need, right where you want it! Would you duct tape spare tools on the hood of your sports car, or tire levers on the gas tank of your motorcycle? Of course not, so why are riders slapping these items on their high-end mountain and road bikes? Until now, there wasn't an integrated and convenient solution to carrying necessities during a triathlon, road race, or trail ride where a hydration pack isn't required.  

29er Technology

The benefits of the “big” wheels are available through our entire XC, Trail, All-Mountain, Recreation, and Women’s lineups. From the Hardrock rider getting their feet wet in mountain biking, to the woman whose Rumor perfectly fits her active lifestyle, to the aggressive rider charging demanding terrain aboard an Enduro, Specialized 29ers deliver the stability and control riders demand. 

Rider-First Engineered

Rider-First Engineered™ is Specialized’s design approach that ensures consistent performance of every bike— regardless of size.